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Polyamide 6 Volgamid® 34

Polyamide 6 Volgamid® produced by one of the leading manufacturers JSC KuibyshevAzot, Russia. It is manufactured through reaction of caprolactam polymerization followed by granule forming. Non thermally stabilized, natural colour. By its parameters and characteristics polyamide 6 Volgamid® is completely similar to primary polyamide PA6-210/310 and PA6-210/311 (OST 6-06-С9-93).

  • Colour


  • Packaging

    Polypropylene bag with PE liner of 30 kgs net. Can be transported on wooden pallets wrapped in stretch film (1200 kg).

  • Processing

    • Processed by moulding under pressure on thermoplastic automatic machine or by extrusion.
    • Moisture content before molding - 0,1-0,2%.
    • If moisture content over 0,2% it is to need preliminary drying of
    • material before processing at temperature 85°С.
    • Melting temperature 240-270°С.
    • Mould cavity temperature 60-90°С.
    • Mould pressure – 80-120 МPа.

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