Thermoelastoplast (TEP, TPE)

Thermoelastoplast is a thermoplastic polymer material based on synthetic rubbers.

Operational Advantages:

  • high elasticity, flexibility and elongation, incl. at low temperatures;
  • wear resistance, chemical resistance;
  • low rate of permanent deformation;
  • good ozone, ultraviolet and weather resistance;
  • approved for contact with food.

Available in various hardness (15-60 Shore A) and density.
Operating temperature – from -50С to + 110С.
Easy to process by extrusion and injection molding.

Areas of use:
household appliances, toys, sports equipment, shoes, car panels and rugs, sewer, window and door seals, multi-component molding (tool handles), casings, cuffs, connectors, cable insulation, profiles.