Polyamide 6

Polyamide 6

Polyamide 6 is engineering thermoplastic material.
It exhibits high mechanical strength, toughness, elasticity, durability, life time, thermal stability up to 140ºС, preserves elastic properties up to -30ºС, chemically resistant to oil, petrol, alcohol, weal acids, dilute or concentrated alkalis, nontoxic. Its differs by water absorption rate, which affects on toughness and impact resistance. 

Recycled polyamides are produced by melting followed by filtration of sorted polyamide wastes.

Produces in granules form by TU U 24.1-14338636-004:2009.


Properties Units Standard values
Granulometry 2-5 mm, min
Relative viscosity
Moisture content, max
Melting temperature
  • Color
  • Processing
  • Packing
  • Application

Natural (from white to light-brown), white, black.

  • Is processing by injection molding on thermoplastic machine or by extrusion.
  • Moisture content before molding — 0,1-0,2%.
  • At moisture content above 0,2%, need to preliminary drying of material before processing at temperature температуре 85ºС.
  • Molding pressure - 80-120 MPa.
  • Melting temperature 240-270ºС.
  • Mould temperature 60-70ºС.

Polypropylene bag with PE liner by 30 kgs net.

It is possible delivery on wooden pallets wraped by stretch film by 1200 kgs.

It is used for production of engineering and molding parts for irresponsible application.