Polyamide 6 30% glass fiber reinforced.
It is exhibits high stiffness, stability, impact toughness, high thermal deflection temperature, and low coefficient of friction and wear.
Long-term durability when being simultaneously affected by elevated temperatures and significant mechanical impacts, including alternating stress, water vapours and chemical substances: oil, petrol, diesel, fuel, brake fluid. Resistant to alkalies, weak acids, electrolites, non-polar solvents and salt solutions.
Normal operating temperature range is from -60ºС to +150ºС. Has high impact resistance.

Produced by TU U 24.1-14338636-002:2009.

  • Colour
  • Packaging
  • Processing

Natural. Other colors are available upon request.

Polypropylene bag with PE liner of 30 kgs net. Can be transported on wooden pallets wrapped in stretch film (1200 kg).

  • Processed by moulding under pressure on thermoplastic automatic machine or by extrusion.
  • Moisture content before molding - 0,1-0,2%.
  • If moisture content over 0,2% it is to need preliminary drying of
  • material before processing at temperature 85°С.
  • Melting temperature 240-270°С.
  • Mould cavity temperature 60-90°С.
  • Mould pressure – 80-120 МPа.

Other products in subgroup «Glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6»

  1. PA6-GF30-1
    • 30% of glass fiber
    • standard grade of glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6
  2. PA6-GFMF35-1
    • 20% of glass fiber, 15% of mineral filler
    • better accuracy in size, low shrinkage
    • decreased price comparing to PA6-210KS
  3. PA6-GF20-1
    • 20% of glass fiber
    • higher impact resistance comparing to PA6-210KS
  4. PA6-GF50-1
    • 50% of glass fiber
    • increased stiffness and impact resistance comparing to PA6-210КS
  5. PA6-GF30IR-1
    • 30% of glass fiber
    • increased impact resistance at negative temperatures