Mineral filled

Mineral filled polyamide 6

Polyamide 6 is reinforced with different minerals such as talc, chalk. 
Normal operating temperature range is from 60°С to +140°С. 
High resistant to oil, petrol, and elevated temperatures.


  1. PА6-ТF20-1
    • 20% of mineral filler (talk)
    • high impact resistance, dimensional accuracy
    • low shrinkage compared to unfilled polyamide 6
  2. PА6-МF20-1
    • 20% of mineral filler (chalk)
    • better dimensional accuracy, low shrinkage
    • decreased price compared to unfilled polyamide 6

Characterized by high impact resistance, toughness and low shrinkage, which allow to achieve high dimensional accuracy of products. 
Resistant to alkaline mediums, weak acids and non-polar solvents. Material in some cases can replace nonferous materials, PPO/PS, polycarbonate and other expensive plastics.  


  • lighting equipment of automobile.
  • housings and base frames for lamps, light diffusers, reflectors, direction-indicating devices, interior roof lamps, including vacuum metal reflective coatings.
  • belt drive pulleys (hydraulic power steering pump, water pumps of automobile).
  • key and lever switches of automobile.
  • parts for metro escalator steps.
  • engine parts: oil filter deflector, valve compartment cover, integral cylinder head cover, crankcase threaded plug.
  • lamp housings, household lightning equipment.
  • handles and housings of electric irons.